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The LWES Light-Weight Event System is a framework for allowing the exchange of information from many machines to many machines in a controlled, platform neutral, language neutral way. The exchange of information is done in a connectless fashion using multicast or unicast UDP, and using self describing data so that any platform or language can translate it to it’s local dialect.

Instead of blindly using SWIG-generated bindings and exposing users to the underlying C APIs, we’ve wrapped the underlying C library bindings in an easy-to-use Ruby library. Currently we only support emitting events but may support listening and journaling capabilities as time allows.



Email the author: Erik S. Chang esc@reality-escapes.me and expect a response within 72 hours.


Our git repository is here:

git clone git://reality-escapes.me/git/lwes-ruby.git

Email pull requests or patches to the the author esc@reality-escapes.me


This library is easy to install, if you have the LWES library already installed you can use that, otherwise the RubyGems installer will automatically download and install a private copy only for use with your gem.

gem install lwes


See LWES.html


For prototyping and development, it may be easier to not use an ESF file. In those cases, you may skip the TypeDB steps entirely and just use an emitter to send Hash objects.

See “NON-ESF USERS” section in LWES/Emitter.html





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